Outrageous images from China seem never to get old, especially when one is this insane.

At first glance, the photo features the facade of an apartment complex, which is already vertigo-inducing. But then you look to the left and realize that a guy is perched on top of an air conditioning unit, and it looks like he has no safety equipment on.


“That looks reckless” may be an understatement here. Just picture the scenario in your head of being in your apartment on a lazy afternoon, and it’s really hot. The air conditioner is not working properly, so you want to fix it right away to get some of that refreshing cold air in. How desperate are you to get it working again? Apparently, this guy wanted it to work really badly.

Situations like this are not uncommon in China, wherein people have a sense of practicality that may not necessarily include self-preservation. Whenever there are reports of freak accidents from the country, it’s hard to not think of instances like this as the cause of those mishaps.

Sonny Go
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