For loving mothers and everyone else who adores children, be warned that this story is pretty gruesome. A 24-year-old Chinese woman named Zhenghua Li, who had just given birth three days before, was caught by a nurse in the act of munching on the left arm of her own baby.

Stunned medical personnel were forced to sedate the woman while prying her teeth off the infant’s arm. She had been brought into the hospital after being seen in labor on the streets of Shenzhen, in the province of Guangdong, located in southern China.



The baby was then moved to a secure location, where these photos of the badly damaged arm were most likely taken.

The plot thickens as investigation into the mother was underway, uncovering her plight as a woman thrown out of the house by her mother-in-law for acting odd. She may have been surviving on the street for at least several weeks before the incident in the hospital.

In ethology, the study of animal behavior, the act of mothers attacking their own newborn offspring is known as savaging. It’s most commonly occurs in domesticated pigs, particularly with first-time mothers (known as gilts). They are known to attack and even eat their own piglets, which constitutes for a good portion of 50% of piglet fatalities, as well as crushing them unintentionally after birth.

Cannibalism of babies in China is not new at all. In an entry here on Weird Asia News from 2007, we published an article from a weekly Hong Kong publication called Next Magazine that reported the popularity of human fetuses used in health and beauty supplements in China.

It turns out, though, that the woman may have some mental health issues, which could be quite severe considering what she has done.


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