Giving birth sucks. Women have known this for millennia, but now, courtesy of contemporary technology, men know it as well! Case in point. According to the Daily Mail, a hospital in China “is hooking men up to a childbirth simulator” to teach them how much women suffer during childbirth.

How does it work? The machine basically uses electric shocks to stimulate the men’s abdomens in a fashion similar to how a woman’s stomach contracts during childbirth. And, well, the results have been pretty eye-opening…as well as loud.


The Daily Mail explains that the machines offer an agony scale between 50 and 500. However, most men give up by the time the scale hits 100. One man who managed to make it all the way to 500, Zhou Nan, said that he finally understands his wife’s pain:

“I am the father of triplets and wanted to understand the great pain my wife experienced when she was giving birth,” he said. “It was horrible. I have nothing but deep admiration for all mothers after this ordeal.”

Given that his wife gave birth to triplets, wouldn’t it have been fairer if the scale had been turned up to 1,500? Note also that the simulation lasts for only about 30 seconds. That isn’t much when you consider that women giving birth have to endure pain for hours, if not days.

Still, the men definitely deserve a kudos for at least trying to understand.

V Saxena
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