If you need some drama in your life right now, then this could be what you’re looking for. Just about everyone with a significant other would want to know just how much he or she is loved, which was what this bride in Shenzhen, China was thinking when she decided to age herself with makeup for their street photoshoot, to see if her groom would still love her.


Unfortunately, he got really mad upon seeing her like that and things spiraled out of control very quickly. They soon start bickering and hurling insults at each other, while bystanders watched them throw down. What could have been a magical moment turned out to be straight-up ugly, as a lot of things tend to be in China.

The groom did not play along with the ploy and was reportedly angry over the state of her makeup, insisting that she change it immediately. Having not earned the romantic reaction she yearned for, she refused to take off her “old face” look, and things went south from there.

The bride-to-be told reporters of her original intention of testing his commitment, then added that he was known to be a philanderer. When asked why she wanted to be married to a womanizer, she explained that it was because he treated her very well.

No one knows for sure if this was either an actual incident or just a staged publicity stunt, as detractors claim. It seems as if it’s something that tends to happen from time to time in the big cities in China.


Sonny Go
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