For those who are familiar with Japan’s education system, it’s obvious that they don’t mess around when it comes to the youth learning what they need to learn. In fact, they take it so seriously that things can get way too hardcore in the classroom.


Capital punishment for disciplinary purposes is still prevalent in Asian countries, including Japan. While it may not be something that Western cultures may condone, it’s an almost unavoidable part of life in other parts of the world, which is why it’s no surprise that there are several instances of this practice being recorded on video.

YouTube and other video-streaming sites are littered with videos of teachers beating their students in the classroom. Most of these clips seem to have been taken with cellphone cameras, which is to be expected with new mobile technologies being accessible to the youth.

Some of them are not taken in Japan, but they do seem to be of Japanese teachers. Since Japanese culture is all about respecting authority and seniority, those who do otherwise are usually treated accordingly.

Here is a prime example of how serious Japanese teachers can get in putting delinquents in their place. It’s funny in that the teacher was doing a 13-hit slap combo on his charge here.

It’s not certain if the teacher in this video is Japanese at all, but it’s definitely not a Japanese classroom. To be fair, the student in the following clip did deserve it, although it’s not entirely sure if it’s for real or just an act.

This one doesn’t involve a teacher, but it’s in a Japanese classroom and quite funny.

There are many other videos with stuff like this, and they have been the source of much shock and consternation from viewers who may not agree with such methods of discipline. Regardless, these things do happen.

Sonny Go
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