Just about everyone likes to rag on about how weird and quirky Japan is, but South Korea isn’t very far behind in that department at all. The two nations do have quite a number of similarities, and perhaps you can add really unusual advertisements into the mix.


This ad was found in the subway, showing a comic wherein some guy seems to have a lot of fans and admirers. Having some reason to get rid of them then and there, he grabs another person and turns him into a fart flamethrower for the purpose of repelling the crowd. It’s rather unusual to see something of this nature in a public facility.

According to some sources, the ad itself is for Chinese medicine used as gas relief, which explains the gratuitous cartoon depiction of flatulence. The four-panel strip itself, though, was not made exclusively for the ad, but taken from a manhwa, or Korean comic, entitled What Do the Teenage Boys Do. In fact, this particular strip is from its 28th chapter.

This is not the only time that the manhwa was used for advertisements. There are even short animated video ads based on it that are played in movie theaters as part of the previews, such as this series.

Despite being one of the most developed economies in Asia, it seems that South Korea is not above a bit of toilet humor.


Sonny Go
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