Be warned as this may make animal lovers’ stomachs churn and eyes water. It’s no secret that dog meat is eaten in parts of Asia, especially in China. Man’s best friend is usually seen as a loyal companion, and most would shudder to think of it as sustenance.


It leads to this shocking image that has been spreading online. Contrary to the online rumor, these dogs are not thrown into the oven and baked while still alive. In fact, baking is not a part of the process at all.

This “pressed dog” is actually known as “waxed meat” in Mandarin and is a rather common practice of preserving meat in China. They are prepared and served during occasions such as the Lunar New Year, and they are also exported to other countries such as Malaysia.

While the name “waxed meat” may denote the use of wax, it’s not literally used in the procedure but merely describes the appearance of the meat afterwards. It’s actually skinned, deboned, and flattened, then marinated with fat, salt, spice and/or wine overnight before being left to dry under the sun, or in the dry cold winds during winter.

Pork, chicken, duck, fish, and other seasonal meats can be prepared this way and are easily available in Chinatowns during the Lunar New Year. However, preserved dog meat like this may be found only in China, Korea, and Vietnam.

That does clear some things up, although many people may still cringe at the thought of dogs being eaten. Most of the ones prepared in this manner are puppies. It’s just that the procedure doesn’t involve baking them alive in an oven, but they’re still killed for food in this way.


Sonny Go
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