Imagine waking up to a poop mascot one morning. It doesn’t stop there. Wait until the poop chases you until you’re out of your breath.

UNICEF has developed a very interesting and at the same time bothersome advertisement to help remind the people of India to defecate in proper places.

Mr. Poo, the ad’s protagonist, chases a man from the moment he wakes up. There are also lots of other poop-like characters coming to life. In the end, the people make a huge toilet bowl to flush down all the poop.


India has the largest open defecation rate in the world, according to Poo2Loo — 65 million kilograms of poop is deposited in open pits daily. Only half of the population actually does its business in toilets.

Maria Fernandez, a UNICEF campaign coordinator in India, explained the campaign’s aims: “Urban or rural, poo is all around us, on our playgrounds and outside our offices. If we’re silent, we’re contributors. So the campaign tries to create noise so those who actually have toilets understand the issue and do something about it.”

This problem of pooping everywhere is a large health issue in India because it causes water contamination, and further results in diarrhea and other illnesses. This problem causes of death of many children.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa