Watch this weird Youtube video that screams nothing but total weirdness.

The video shows naked men, with roses covering the lower part of their bodies, fighting against evil forces just to be with each other.


It’s a silent clip, so there’s no dialogue, leaving it up to the viewer to think about what you want to think about the clip or what’s going through the minds of the characters.

In my interpretation, I see this as a struggle of homosexual guys in Japan fighting for social acceptance. And the rose is a symbol of homosexuality in Japanese culture.

This video, for me, then, is a tool for gays to express to their community and society at large how they feel.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.


Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa is a college student living in the Philippines. She has a great passion in writing, especially in writing short stories. This unpredictable lady loves everything about East Asia. She is enthralled by the culture and fashion of these countries. She also loves everything about children; teaching them; taking care of them; and playing with them. In addition to that, Genevieve especially loves to go on Mission Trips and serving different kinds of people. Above everything else, she is a lady who fears her God.
Genevieve Baxa