Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered if your face was out of shape?

Well, if bodily fitness is your thing, you are in luck. A new gadget called PAO Facial Fitness — which resembles either a drone or a flapping bird — is being marketed with the help of Christiano Ronaldo (of all people) as a contraption to keep your facial muscles toned.

Christiano Ronaldo PAO

“Facial muscle training tightens the skin, restoring youthful expressions that brim with confidence.” — said an official spokesperson for PAO Facial Fitness. “Training is super easy. Just hold PAO in your mouth and swing the bar!”

PAO Facial Fitness

Perhaps you too can lift away your facial-sagging struggles with the help of PAO and Christiano Ronaldo. See more in the video below.


Marie R

Marie R

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