World peace is what everybody wants, and yet it is very hard to achieve.

In India, Mani Manithan started his “peace walk” back in 1989. If we try to count, we can say that he has been doing his walk for 25 years. It’s not an ordinary peace walk, though, as he walks backwards.

backward walk

He first decided that he would walk naked 300 miles from his hometown up to Chennai.

Years have passed, and he’s still walking backwards.

He claims that he cannot make himself walk forward anymore as his mind has completely forgotten how to do it. He said, “Walking normally is more of a challenge. My mind has forgotten how to do it. I have become very comfortable walking like this. My life has been full of struggles, sacrifice, achievements and protest, so I have no issue continuing my backwards-walking until we achieve world peace.”

“You can see on an international scale [that] terrorism has increased. There are so many blasts, and the youth are misguided. To condemn such incidents, I have been walking backwards for 25 years. My only agenda is world peace,” he added.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa is a college student living in the Philippines. She has a great passion in writing, especially in writing short stories. This unpredictable lady loves everything about East Asia. She is enthralled by the culture and fashion of these countries. She also loves everything about children; teaching them; taking care of them; and playing with them. In addition to that, Genevieve especially loves to go on Mission Trips and serving different kinds of people. Above everything else, she is a lady who fears her God.
Genevieve Baxa