Kinki University in Japan is currently trying to get itself more recognized internationally by changing its name to Kindai University in 2016.


For Japanese people and some knowledgeable foreign people, they see no problem with its current name, but there are also some who are skeptic as soon as they hear the university’s name.

Kinki is actually a place in Japan where the university is located, but it also sounds like “kinky.”

The school administration does not want people to have the impression that the school is full of perverts, and instead wants the school to be more appealing, especially to foreign students.

“We aim to get more foreign students coming here, so we’ve decided to change our English name to ensure there is no misunderstanding,” a university representative told English language newspaper the Japan Times.

The new name, Kindai University, is a combination of “Kinki” and “Daigaku,” which means “university.”

It’s a good change, but don’t you think the new name is a bit redundant if we look more closely?

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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