You don’t often find a McDonald’s customer grabbing the vanilla ice cream by hand and leaving the cone — and the rest of the crew in momentary shock and disbelief.

McDonalds SIngapore Prank

But in a McDonald’s fast food outlet in Singapore, a group of pranksters did just that, with a hidden camera capturing the “priceless” reactions of the two crewmembers. Their facial expressions, perhaps a mixture of shock, amusement and disbelief, as caught on camera, went viral on Weibo and Facebook, but also caused quite a stir for the two McDonald’s boys in the video.

Macau-based Manner Productions, which was behind the stunt, had recently been in the limelight for staging the most creative pranks. But this time, the group apologized to the two crewmembers, promising to be more “considerate” on their next stints.

Well, so much for that, as the following video shows countless more pranks by just one man. We can only guess this guy has some more explaining to do! Check out the video below.