The photo below shows a beautiful family. However, this photo has more than likely fooled your eyes because what you see are not sisters or cousins, but a family of three generations!


Wait. What?

If these pretty ladies and their babies make up three generations, who is the mother, then? More importantly, WHO IS THE GRANDMOTHER?

Believe it or not, the person farthest to the right is Kaazuko Inoue, the grandmother. She is known as a bimajo, meaning “beautiful witch” in Japanese. This term refers to a woman over 35 years who is amazingly stunning.

Inoue is now 42 years old, and she was recently crowned in the Kansai Bimajo beauty pageant. She married at the young age of 19 and had her first daughter the same year.

This photo of her family that was featured in a Japanese women’s magazine spread like wildfire onto various social networking sites, including China’s very own Weibo. Netizens also couldn’t believe their eyes.

They left comments such as the following:

“No way does that picture show three generations! They gotta be sisters!”

“Unbelievable! How is she so beautiful!?”

“She looks like she’s in her twenties!”

“Is she HUMAN?!”

“I know heaps of guys who would love to be the man of that house.”

“I feel sorry for the husband — think of how much money it must cost to keep them looking that good.”

Meanwhile, Inoue says that beauty is “always being grateful for what you have, and letting your inner beauty show.”

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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