A South Korean drama has become immensely popular, not only in South Korea, but in other countries as well.

Titled “My Love Who Came from the Stars,” the drama began airing last December and included 21 episodes of Do Min Joon (the hero) and Cheon Song Yi’s (the heroine) love story.


The plot is nothing ordinary, as the hero is an alien who has stayed on Earth for 400 years. He meets an actress who resembles his love from the past. They get involved, and just when their relationship starts to blossom, the hero suddenly has to go back to his star.

In China, it has been reported that the drama apparently ruined people’s lives in one way or another. With 14.5 billion views on iQiyi, a lot of people really have been hooked on this drama.

One trend that reportedly influenced people was the heroine’s love for chicken and beer. A very weird combination, but a lot of people have since tried it out.

Yuan-Yuan Gao, a Chinese actress, posted a photo on her Instagram with the caption “First snow. Where’s my fried chicken and beer?”

In Chongqing, a man got dumped after not buying chicken for his girlfriend late one night. The girl said he wasn’t as romantic as Do Min Joon.

A couple in Tieling were admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis after eating too much of this food.

A pregnant woman living in Jiangsu nearly suffered a miscarriage from having a late-night drama marathon and eating too much fried chicken.

Employees at an office in Fujian got a day off because their manager had to watch the last episode of the series.

And a 50-year-old Chinese woman suffered a heart attack from watching the drama late into the night and getting too “emotional” over it.

Personally, I have seen this drama and continue patiently to wait for the episodes that air weekly, and I can say that I’m not surprised about the influence it has had on people. I admit, though, that what has happened to many Chinese viewers is dangerously ridiculous!

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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