Artists are long known for being eccentric. And it’s fair to assume that many are this way at least somewhat in order to promote their own image, as artists, in addition to their creative works.

But there’s a limit for most. For Ani K, however, his attempt to be different just might take the prize.

Ani K’s claim to fame is his most prized technique, tilting his head at odd angles in order to achieve nuanced brushstrokes, using his tongue as a paintbrush.

Ani K

Rather than seeking distinction as an artist through the content of his work, the 35-year-old school teacher-cum-artist has opted for exploring his particular form and method. However, it has come with an unexpected price as well.

“After painting with my tongue, I experience pain in my jaw, headaches, slight loss of vision and dip in memory power,” he says. “The side effects stay around for two weeks.”

Ani K’s paintings number more than 1,000, including an eight-foot Da Vinci and a portrait of Jesus Christ.

The artist said that if his tongue doesn’t lead him to stardom, he will try other ways: “For the Guiness Records, I am going to paint four portraits using both hands and both feet at the same time.”

Now that’s ambitious!


Stewart Brently
Stewart Brently hails from Seattle, WA. He is a freelance writer and editor, adult EFL instructor and psychotherapist. As copy editor for the site, he works to make the WAN content tidy and intelligible, while keeping his ears to the streets for strange happenings on the little island of Taiwan, where he calls home.
Stewart Brently