Forget about Insanity exercises or Paleo-diet. If nothing else works to keep you in good shape, how about, um, the poodle dance?

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 7.21.00 PM

Mariko Takahashi’s fitness video shows the fitness trainer in a rather disproportionately shaped body, in which oversized muscles in her limbs emulate poodle-like fur balls.

In the video, as if everything about her show seems ordinary, she starts her fitness session with her backup dancers, which surprisingly look like the canine as she does.

Worry not, folks, as this was created only as a parody to Susan Powter’s controversial video. The Australian nutritionist, personal trainer and motivational speaker once made a fitness video showing off her supposedly once-overweight self as the background in her studio.

Yes, you may still keep Mariko’s workout steps in mind and do them every day without worrying too much about turning into a fitness buff poodle.

Enjoy the video!