Who would’ve thought that a parrot would be the key to identifying the suspect of an almost perfect crime?

In India, the police were investigating a case of robbery and murder of a lady. Ashutosh Goswami, who was included in a list of suspects, was pointed out as the suspect by the victim’s parrot.


On the night of the incident, Goswami was reported to have robbed his aunt’s place, and while he and his colleague were at it, they also decided to kill his aunt, Neelam, so that she wouldn’t have a chance to report it to the police.

He thought he had gotten away with it, until the time when the victim’s husband, Vijay Sharma, told the police that maybe his wife’s parrot could help out. True enough, when the police mentioned the names of the suspects one by one, Heera, the parrot, had a violent reaction and started saying “Usne maara, usne maara! He’s the killer! He’s the killer.”

“The police told us that the murderer is someone close and known to the family as there was a friendly entry into the house. They gave us names of a few suspects, including my nephew.”

“The parrot always used to be with my wife, and I was sure he had witnessed the murder. It was unbelievable, and to satisfy ourselves whether the police were going in the right direction, we called out the names of all the suspects to our parrot. Surprisingly, he screamed and made unusual noises whenever my nephew’s name came up. He confessed to the police,” Vijay Sharma said.

While police officer Satyarth Anirudh was skeptical about the claims at first, the suspect soon admitted to the crime and went with the police.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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