An ex-police officer reportedly used a “creative but no so humane” way of disciplining his subordinates.

In Japan, an unnamed police sergeant has stepped down from his job after being told off for forcing his workmates to binge on supersized meals.


Since early 2010, this officer visited four younger officers and told them to eat large meals, including 15 hamburgers, 15 donuts, four large cups of instant noodles, and 3-4 liters of coffee-flavored milk. He even asked them to buy these food from their own pockets.

“After finding they were not working hard enough, I did it in order to toughen them up,” the unnamed sergeant was quoted as telling investigators of the Osaka Prefecture police headquarters.

I’m not sure if he really wants to toughen them up or if he’s just a sadist.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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