In December, a man tried to rob a lady walking down on the streets of Tokyo. However, a sudden turn of events makes for a much more interesting story.


The photo above is the crime scene.

As the robber tried to threaten the woman’s life and extort money from her, she gave in, handing him all of her money, as the robber demanded, but then she actually demanded her money back! Of the 3,000 yen (US$30) that she handed over, she told the man, “Could you give back 2,000 yen (US$20)? I have a bill to pay.”

The funny thing is that the robber actually gave her the money back!

One netizens made the comment, “Hahaha! I probably wouldn’t have reported him if it was me,” while others disagreed by writing, “If he was such a good guy, then he wouldn’t have tried mugging people in the first place.”

I don’t know if the woman was purely lucky or if the man was just really stupid.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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Genevieve Baxa