Think you can’t find an exotic cure-it-all potion anywhere on Earth? Think again! The elixir of youth and good health might just be right in the pastures of India.


No, it’s not the beef, but a glassful of fresh, cow’s urine that, as many of these Hindu cult followers say, can cure all forms of illness, including cancer, diabetes and tuberculosis, just to name a few.

The ground zero of all these medical hypes is in the northern city of Agra, where DD Singhal owns the shelter that houses his “miraculous cows.”

And here’s one more bonus! The urine, they say, has potent anti-aging properties as well because it keeps baldness at bay.


But Mr. Singhal said that for the urine to be beneficial, it must come from a virgin cow, and that it must also be collected just before the sun rises.

Since the cult started its practice, the number of people who has taken the chance of getting a taste of the urine has steadily risen.

According to Ramesh Gupta, a Hindu high priest, “Only two things are pure in this universe, in this world. One is the water from the holy Ganges river, and the other is urine from mother holy cow.”


There are, however, a growing number of critics that have taken notice of such practices. But Singhal said that “it is just a matter of time before people realize the utility of cow urine.”

And now, new propositions are under way to mass produce household and hygiene products from cow urine.

So it seems as if these virgin bovines aren’t just “holy cows,” but “cash cows” as well.