We often look back on our younger selves with a mixture of delight and childish nostalgia. For one Japanese photographer, merging her adult photos with her childhood ones completes her dream of travelling back in time — if not literally, at least in the photographs.

0001 TimeTravel1

Photographer Chino Otsuka talked of such superimposition as a “tool, almost like a time machine” to enter into a virtual journey through the timeline of her life’s events long gone.

In most of her photos, she appears to be sitting or standing side by side with her younger self. Their pauses are worth telling of her childhood and her adult self converging in a surreal, almost eerie, place and time.

Their flat and inexpressive stares make the entire atmosphere look even more mysterious, as if both minds are secretly unified as one.

Here are some of Otsuka’s masterpieces:

0005 TimeTravel1

Snowman 0003 TimeTravel1 0002 TimeTravel1