Forget about tasers or stun guns.

In Thailand, all you need to deter a lusty stranger are these cleverly designed panties, equipped with a piece of dildo attached from the inside.


Although we have yet to confirm how these “breakthrough” underpants fair in the lingerie market, such a concept seems like an effective, albeit clunky, deterrent from imminent sexual assaults — but not before the offender strips off your clothes first, only to see what’s in store for him behind that sexy lingerie.


With its bulkiness, the dildo underwear could be too cumbersome to wear. Imagine yourself with a constant hard-on the entire time you walk, take the bus or even sit down in parks or other public places.

Sure, the bulk would be a tad too embarrassing, but you might want to give this a try if safety is paramount to you.

So, how about sexual offenders enamored with male cross-dressers with still-intact manhood? Well, turning the fake penis into a portable stun gun could offer them “some balls” to protect themselves with this last line of defense.