LastyYear, we featured the crunchy and fizzy Pepsi-flavored Cheetos from Frito-Lay. Now, the same company brings you Cheetos sprinkled with bursts of Mountain Dew flavor.


Yes, this limited-edition Cheetos is the new addition to Frito-Lay’s growing list of exotic snack flavors that hit stores in Japan. According to reviews, the snack offers a playful mix of cheese and a tinge of lemon that fizzes. But we have yet to confirm whether the snack also contains caffeine.

To the frustration of some food enthusiasts, this isn’t available in the United States or elsewhere outside of Japan. You can, however, order them online for only $3.50 per pack.

So what happens when one munches on Mountain Dew Cheetos and gulps down a bottle of the real soda? Does the mix offer twice the flavor, twice the fun?