Following a successful operation after years of living with a facial tumor, a farmer’s son in India now searches for romance.


Twenty-three-year-old Lalit now has his hopes held high after the promising yet delicate surgery that removed his large facial tumor, diagnosed by doctors as neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that he had suffered since he was a child.

The six-hour surgery, according to Dr. Vivek Kumar of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi, involved the removal of the large outgrowth that ran from the forehead along part of the cheek, ear, neck and chin, also covering a small area on the chest.

The tumor, as Dr. Vivek Kumar described, was the largest he had ever seen, and also made the removal complicated because of fear that tiny blood vessels in the tumor could bleed profusely during the operation.

But Lalit made it through and mentioned how happy he was to have gotten past the ordeal, which at one point was a matter of life and death. He hopes to earn and eventually marry someday.

In the remote village of Bihar, Northern India, locals lend their hands to building Lalit his new home.