Thankfully there’s no video, but the event, sponsored by sex toy manufacturer, was created to help celebrate risk-free sexual freedom.

China-AIDS Day2

All of the ten participants hid their genitals in orange buckets and wore masks to disguise their true identities as women danced around with sex toys and blow-up dolls to, ah, keep them engaged.

They have a long way to go, however, to catch up to San Francisco’s weirdly popular Masturbate-a-thon, which was created in 1999. Since then, Europe and New Zealand have followed suit, with the slogan “Come for a Cause” reminding you that this is the one time you can talk about masturbating in public without feeling weird about it. In San Francisco, participants can win one of several awards, including “Most Orgasms,” “Longest Time Spent Masturbating,” and “Farthest Ejaculation.”

I feel so, so sorry for the janitors.