It’s totally understandable for a guy to become slightly irritated when his girlfriend or wife drags him along as she spends hours in a mall shopping. It’s even more understandable to become angry over excessive spending. I’m gonna go ahead and draw the line at “jumping to your death” as an acceptable response to these actions, however.


Such is the sad case of an unnamed Chinese man who leaped to his death in the Golden Eagle Shopping Complex in the city of Xuzhou on December 7th. According to witnesses, the man was overheard arguing with his girlfriend, allegedly over her many expensive purchases (that included plenty of shoes) that afternoon. Apparently fed up with this, he climbed over the rail of the 7th floor and jumped, landing in the atrium. He died on impact.

After he jumped, people screamed and scattered. Surveillance video captured footage of the incident as well. One woman, who worked at a cosmetics counter in the atrium where the man landed, said that she “heard a bang, and then I heard people shouting that someone had jumped. I turned my head and I saw a man lying on the ground, totally motionless.”

The holidays are stressful, indeed, and it’s sad that one person’s tendency to be a little too loose with her pocketbook drove another person to suicide.

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