In this Japanese waterpark, tourists relish a fair amount of, shall we say, “dolphin cuisine” as they enjoy the sights of the more fortunate ones twisting and leaping up into the air.


In Taiji, where whale and dolphin meats are an everyday delicacy, local Japanese official Masaki Wada recently announced plans to open a park where experiencing these marine mammals could mean playing with them while eating some of them.

As guests enjoy the flavor of dolphin meat while seeing and hearing the live ones splash from a distance, one can truly say it’s all about dolphins stimulating the senses 360 degrees.

Such an idea may come across as appalling and absurd by many, but in Japan, where whale and dolphin meats are regarded as a rich source of protein, anything goes. And in Wada’s waterpark, trainers are reportedly “auditioning” dolphins annually, sparing those with “talents.”

So you’re dead meat if you ain’t got that flair.