Just when you thought they pulled some incredibly amazing plastic surgery stunts on Dr. 90210…

pretty twins

There’s a very busy herd of plastic surgeons in South Korea. They are really busy because lately they can’t seem to stop getting clients. Yes, the cosmetic surgery industry there is bigger than ever right now.

We’re not sure if it has anything to do with those shôjo and yuri comics or the current cosplay craze, but, as things stand, South Korea has the world’s highest per capita rate of cosmetic surgery procedures.

Not long ago, 20% of women surveyed in Seoul between the ages of 19 to 49 admitted to having done some degree of plastic surgery. If PSY’s face looks a bit too “plastic” to you, that’s because the “Gangnam Style” crooner was urged to go under the slicer to enhance his looks, and he did.

So, when a pair of “ugly” twins luckily got sponsored to appear on the Korean show “Let’s Beauty”, they had a magician plastic surgeon assigned to them to do the seemingly impossible. But he did it! Now, “Let’s Beauty” is basically a live show that aims to turn “ugly ducklings” low on confidence into the pretty swans they would like to be. Our chicks got their lucky break!

Here are the before and after pictures:


pre op

— frontal

pre op frontal

— lateral

pre op side view

— the plan

doctors deliberating

Wave that (surgical) wand, and…VOILÀ!

Postop — frontal

post op frontal

— lateral

post op side

The twins with their Wizard of Oz

with their wizard of oz

Officially the loveliest girls on the planet

loveliest ladies

Here’s to hoping we don’t get any jokes about their future children in the comments section…


Albert Alou

Albert Alou

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