Chinese food is awesome. Thee’s nothing I love more than a massive self-loathing binge on fried rice and sesame chicken. But after seeing this video, it makes me questions my choices.

Sure, I’m ordering Chinese food from a reputable (well, presumably) establishment in the United States and not from a street vendor in China, but it’s still enough to send your stomach into somersaults just thinking about it.

“Gutter oil” is the name of the game for some street vendors in China, with the byproduct of sewage and animal fat processed into “cooking oil” serving as one-tenth of all cooking oil in China.

It likely contains carcinogens, and its use has led to the arrest of a number of people who use it. In early October, a man from Jiangsu Province was given a life sentence for manufacturing and selling the product.

Gutter oil has been a problem for years in China, and food safety, or a lack thereof, has long been a problem in the country. If you plan on visiting the country, stick to only reputable establishments. Do your research, and avoid inadvertently consuming food cooked in oil that likely has its origins in the bowels of a very obese man.