If you live in India, don’t steal a cow. At least don’t steal a cow if you value your eyesight.

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Apparently reminiscent of a case in 1980 wherein 31 criminals were left blinded by acid attacks, villagers in Bihar surrounded Mohammad Shahid, accused of attempting to steal a cow during the city’s “festival of lights,” and savagely beat him before injecting a syringe filled with acid into his right eye. This swift justice occurred when the landlord woke up and alerted those around the cowshed of villager Gosai Mandal. His left eye was blinded in a similar attack five years prior.

After the attack, he was handed over to the police, who stated that they are “initiating action against the people accused of inflicting inhumane treatment to the victim.” Past events saw the man sent to jail, but he apparently did not learn from his mistakes. And now he’s completely blind. Guess his time as a professional animal thief is over.

The 1980 event called to mind by these events made criminal jurisprudence history in that it was the first wherein compensation was ordered for the violation of basic human rights. The event led film director Prakash Jha to make a movie about the incident, called “Gangaajal,” starring Ajay Devgn, in 2003.

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