Coconut oil is used for a lot of things in the culinary world, but what most people don’t know is that it’s actually an effective and safe sexual lubricant. But Muthu knew this already, since he used it to rape an injured cow.


The 50- to 55-year-old mononymous individual apparently came across the injured animal, which was lying unconscious along a railroad track, and thought, “Might as well rape it.” According to Dawn Williams of Blue Cross of India, volunteers came across Muthu performing the sex act, but actually realized what he was doing only after they inspected closer and found him inserting his penis into the cow’s vagina. A bottle of coconut oil was found near him.

Muthu tried to flee, but he was apprehended and, according to local police officer Jayavelu, confessed to committing the terrible act. He later asked to be pardoned, which likely isn’t going to happen in a country where cows are considered holy in some areas. Well, that, and does anyone really want an animal rapist loose on the streets?

Sadly, the poor, defenseless animal was reported to have died at the veterinarian’s office due to injuries sustained in the accident.

Poor cow.