The human body is a terrifying contraption, one filled with enough gears and pulleys that eventually something is going to go wrong. Take, for example, the case of the two-year-old Xiao Feng, a Chinese boy whose bloated stomach concealed his own twin.


His parents, who reside in Huaxi, had noticed that his stomach was bloated and that he was having difficulty breathing, so they rushed him to the hospital, where the twin was promptly removed.

This is apparently not as uncommon as it sounds as there have been several other instances, including one in Peru and one in Greece, wherein young children had reabsorbed their twins.

Featuring a spine, limbs, fingers, and toes, the parasitic twin was around 10 inches in length, and had it not been removed, could have resulted in the young boy’s unfortunate death.

This is only slightly more creepy than a lithopedion, which occurs when a fetus dies mid-pregnancy and, due to being too large to being absorbed, is effectively calcified inside the womb. One woman remained “pregnant” with her stone baby for over 45 years, and another for 60.

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