Healthcare in America is always a contentious topic, but have you ever cut off your own body part to avoid high medical fees and inevitable death?

No? Guess you’re not as tough as Yanliang Zheng.


Zheng, 47, who hails from the northern Chinese province of Hebei, is known as a local tough guy, but nothing could have prepared, well, anyone for what he did when severe arterial thrombosis in his own legs threatened his life.

He cut one of them off.

A year or so prior, Zheng began to experience shooting pains in his stomach, which quickly traveled down his leg. The doctors couldn’t diagnose him before he was eventually diagnosed with an embolism. But by this point it was apparently too late, and the doctors gave him one month to live.

Well, the doctors were wrong, and three months after the diagnosis of “inevitable death,” he was still kicking, albeit in pain so severe his screams kept the neighbors up at night. Unable to get treatment (the painkillers he had were anything but effective), and unable to afford the immensely high medical bills, he took a saw and a fruit knife and cut his leg off 15 centimeters below the hip.

Thankfully, the thrombosis caused a distinct lack of blood, making it a decidedly less-messy-than-normal affair.

In the process of his self-surgery, Zheng bit off four molars and broke the saw in half.

Sadly, he’s not out of the woods yet as his leg is still infected, his wife has diabetes, and his only real source of income comes from his daughter, who works in a shoe factory. Thankfully, people are inherently good, and Dr. Qiang Zhang, who works out of the Shanghai Wode Medical Center, offered to pay for all of Zheng’s medical expenses in the future.

You will never be ass badass as Yanliang Zheng, so don’t even try.

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