In America, police can come up with a myriad of reasons for arresting someone. But for drinking tea? Only in India, it would seem.


Vijay Patil was enjoying a relaxing morning of “cutting chai,” a term used to refer to having a quick half-glass of tea, in a tea stall on Kolhapur when Sub-Inspector Jadhav approached him and asked what he was doing. According to the Times of India, the police officer was not satisfied with this simple and reasonable explanation and arrested him under a law that allows detention if the officer suspects someone of committing a crime.

The Bombay High Court, however, realized how ridiculous this was and told the police to drop the case, stating, “One might take tea in a variety of ways, not all of them always elegant or delicate, some of them perhaps even noisy. But we know of no way to drink tea ‘suspiciously.'” According to the prosecution, Mr. Patil was known to the police, but the judge didn’t care.

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