Japanese company Naigai has found an ingenious solution to those unwanted holes in socks: if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!


Constant wear and tear usually leads to embarrassing moments, especially in Japan, where removing your shoes is often recommended in many restaurants.

So to avoid these little social faux pas, sock manufacturer Naigai has introduced N-platz, socks purposefully knit with a hole in the sole area of the socks.

At first glance, the holes make the socks look like those ready for disposal. But the gap in the sole area actually reduces the strain on the rest of the fabric as one wears them. The hole, it turns out, prevents other holes form forming as the pressure from the foot is dispersed.

And here’s more: the gaping space allows air to circulate, keeping the foot cooler.

Now, it’s up to the buying public how they’ll welcome this new design.

Will it be a hit or a flop? We’ll soon find out.