Pepsi has built a good name selling fizzy beverages with refreshingly good taste. Now, the same flavors come in every pack of Cheetos (yes, those crunchy, cheesy snacks we all enjoyed munching on).


In Japan, Frito-Lay introduced Pepsi-flavored Cheetos as an all-in-one approach to grabbing a snack and enjoying that fizzy cola flavor in every bite — but without the cheesy taste.

Now, news has spread that the U.S. will finally get a taste of this oddly flavored snack, and whether or not it hits the market with a bang remains to be seen.

Reviews on the product are widely mixed. Steve, an Impulse Buy writer, notes its highly “acidic bite.” He highlights the taste as “too lemony,” overpowering the sweetness that is left. So the attempt to imitate Pepsi’s citrus tinge was just overly done.

But for those who like it the good old-fashioned way, the Cheetos-and-Pepsi combo will likely stick around and won’t get phased out anytime soon. After all, nothing beats the real bubbly Pepsi beverage.

When it comes to experimenting with “hybrid” snacks, restaurants and food manufacturers have gone a long way: hotdog-pizza hybrids, cronuts, even ramen burgers, just to name a few.

Who knows what’s next to hit the shelves?

Take it from Limp Bizkit’s third album: Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog-Flavored Water