Every week, we will present to you one Japanese urban legend featuring the unexplained, the unseen, and sometimes the horrifyingly unspeakable.

The first on the list: Kuchisake-onna


If Batman sequels were horror flicks, the Joker would have met his femme fatale. Meet Kuchisake-onna, believed to be a slit-mouthed woman whose face she conceals with a surgical mask.

Her favorite pick? Any child who happens to be alone walking at night, likely falling prey into her inescapable trick question: “Am I pretty?”

Answer “No” and she cuts you with her pair of scissors. Say “Yes” and she uncovers her face, revealing her mouth slit from one ear to the other.

She then asks you, “How about now?”

Say “No” and you die. Agree and she slits your face the same as hers.

Even running away leads you to nowhere, as she magically reappears right in front of you.

So it seems whatever answer you give her leads to your gruesome fate.

How about saying, “I don’t know?” you might wonder? That is for you to find out.