There’s just something so engaging about castles, princesses, and fairies. Then there are mermaids, whose magical nature draws all sorts of fans.

Welcome to the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy in Manila.

The school offers 40 dollars’ worth of a two-hour make-believe sessions in which students wear mono-tails to look, swim and perform underwater tricks like mermaids do.

Professional divers and swimmers coach students in making bubble rings, as well as doing dolphin kicks and handstands.

Instructor Anabelle Jimenez highlights the beauty, grace and the adventure closely associated with mermaids. These qualities, she points out, draw the interest of kids and young adults alike.

And for those who simply want to take photos of themselves donning mermaid tails, the academy offers a “mermaid makeover” for photo ops as well.

So if Hogwarts seems too much of a stretch for you, try the Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy.