It is one thing for the Samsung Galaxy S4 to be the hottest smartphone on the market today, but it’s a different story when “hot” gets too real, sending a man’s house in Hong Kong up in flames.


Chinese website reported a recent incident involving a Hong Kong resident whose Samsung Galaxy S4 allegedly exploded and caught fire while he was playing “Love Machine,” one of the most popular games for Android.

After hearing a loud popping sound, Mr. Du threw his smartphone onto the couch, where flames quickly spread and caused substantial damage to the house. He and his wife managed to escape unscathed.

Another similar case was reported a month before this, in which an 18-year-old Swiss girl suffered third-degree burns on her leg from an exploding Samsung Galaxy S3 placed in her pocket. In 2012, the same case was reported in Dublin, where a man’s Galaxy S3 caught fire on his car’s dashboard.

Another incident involved Apple, Samsung’s key competitor. Reports state that a Chinese woman died from an electric shock when she answered a call on her iPhone 5 while the phone was charging. Another man reportedly suffered the same fate, only this time it led to a coma.

For Apple, using official chargers is a must for avoiding damage to the phone, not to mention physical injuries.

In a number of cases, unofficial third-party products were pointed out as the cause of the smartphone mishaps. As in the case of the Swiss woman, her phone was outfitted with a discounted replacement battery. But in Mr. Du’s case, he claimed to have used all legitimate Samsung products.

Samsung’s Hong Kong unit is currently investigating the incident.