Everyday commuters deal with rush-hour woes in many ways, but what happens in a Beijing subway station is just close to the unthinkable.


Beijing’s Subway Line 13 may look like nothing more than an ordinary train station during off-peak hours, but step into the same place during the morning or afternoon rush and you will bear witness to a scene where courtesy, civility, and cordiality become almost non-existent.

The video below, taken on July 18, shows a bird’s-eye view of the entire area, where those coming off the train struggle with those desperately trying to get on board, to beat the ticking clock.

The result is a rush-hour tug-of-war arena, where commuters push against those in front of them to squeeze in.

One man was seen tugging a passenger away from the train door, just to fill the small space left inside the train.

Netizens from around the globe can only watch in amusement or dismay, but be thankful that their rush-hour nightmares are nothing compared to this Beijing subway battlefield.