On June 22, in the city of Bengbu, what seemed to be an ordinary day’s work for a 68-year-old pensioner, cleaning up litter in the city’s park, turned into something she thought could be born out of only horror flicks: the discovery of a floating suitcase packed with human heads, their loose parts protruding from its openings.


The incident, as reported by the state-run Chinese media, sparked immediate investigation by the local police.

But contrary to what many residents believe, the heads were not the work of a serial killer on the loose. The slice marks along the decapitated areas of the heads were evidence that they were more likely the disposed of body parts used in medical research from a nearby institute.

The medical team, which also conducted an independent investigation, even suggested that the heads, still well preserved, could still be used for future research.

In the end, no criminal charges were filed. No pictures of a homicide fugitive were flashed on TV. No manhunt was conducted by the police.

Mystery solved. Case closed!