In what could be an unfortunate tale of a harmless prank gone wrong, a Chinese farmer’s sloppy recreation of an alien not only drew attention from many oblivious locals, but also sent him to jail.


The farmer, known only as Mr. Li, was reported by the Chinese police to have assembled a rubber alien-like model put together with chicken wire and some glue. The “creature” was then stored in a freezer and was photographed for the Chinese Internet community to see.

The allegedly false claim was that the “alien” was only one of the five that came down from a UFO hovering just above the farmer’s bike. Then one died after falling into the electric trap the farmer installed to catch rabbits. The others went back to the UFO and left.

But as the photos Mr. Li posted on the Internet went viral, the Chinese authorities, worried about the potential impact of such hoax to the naïve, immediately scrambled to take action against him, deleting his posts and locking him in jail for five days.

Eventually Mr. Li recanted his claim and confessed that as a big fan of UFOs, he simply wanted the people to believe in aliens’ existence, the Shandong Evening news reported.