The brazenly public sex trade along the Guangdong Belt has become a pervasive problem for the area, where sanitation workers collect hundreds of condoms every day.


Just about half an hour past 8 p.m. on June 4, dozens of Guangdong Foshan Chancheng Police officers raided a stretch of about two kilometers along Foshan Avenue, arresting 13 prostitutes, who the locals refer to as “streetwalkers.” Tongi Local Police officer Chen reported that the raid was the first largest raid so far this year.

The area, a green belt that sits east of the Foshan Avenue-Jihua Road intersection in Chancheng district, has become a prostitution hotspot that has beleaguered authorities, sanitation workers, and nearby residents in recent years.

For the Chancheng Police, the dim lights and thick bushes that line the streets provide a favorable place for streetwalkers to stay during the night. And nowhere else do they do their business but in the very same location they are often spotted.

The result becomes evident in broad daylight: dozens of condoms scattered all over the lawn, where sanitation workers, who often complain to have already been fed up by the same problem for years, collect more than a hundred every day.


Residents nearby take alternative routes to avoid the unsightly leftovers that have marred their neighborhood.


Although officers who sometimes patrol discreetly in plain clothes have cleared the area, the number of prostitutes has turned from few to many because of the “rising temperatures,” the police say.

This photo reveals recent arrests by the local authorities.


Except on rainy days, the number of condoms comes in at dozens, or even hundreds, says Mr. Deng.

Jinziyuan community resident Mr. Lu claims that he himself has witnessed these streetwalkers doing their “business,” the operation hours of which usually start at 7:30 p.m., ending at around 4 a.m.

Residents who oftentimes witness the sex trade close to their homes say that the majority of the customers are single men, many of whom live in nearby Tangtou Village, Jian Village, or Pan Village. And the green belt itself has four bustling construction sites.