A man believed to be a Saudi local was caught on video sitting on the hood of a speeding car along a Saudi Arabian freeway.

What makes the stunt more interesting was his audacious act of texting while sitting on the car speeding at about 60 miles per hour.

Saudi texting

At one point in the video (see below), the man, wearing Saudi’s national garment, thawb and keffiyeh, childishly raised and waved his feet up as he leaned against the front windshield, and later on, turned and leaned on his elbow on the front edge of the car’s roof.

Whether such a move was part of a publicity stunt, a spontaneously reckless spree, or one of boredom’s occasionally surprising effects, this act is as entertaining as it is dangerous, both for the “stuntman” and the passing distracted motorists.

So, kids of all ages, you may try this at home, with a parked car, but not on the road.