It took former Delta Airlines flight attendant Steve Areen only a few helpers, a touch of inspiration from his in-law’s brother, about $8,000, and his unique revolving-arm building technique to erect what others would have taken months to finish: a spherical dome house that perfectly blends with the local flora in northeastern Thailand.


To save more on expenses, Mr. Areen took modest steps of using local materials to add the finishing touches to his new home. In addition to using locally made bricks, he fixed the doors, shelves, screens, even the private pond and gazebo with his own hands.


The dome’s layout itself was built to save on energy, allowing natural light to illuminate the interior during the day.

And to keep the bedroom’s ambiance as close to nature as possible, a roof made from carefully knit grass provides the shade, not to mention the patio-like appearance of the bathroom, with its bamboo faucets and a vessel sink that resembles Buddha’s hands.



To top it all, nothing blends more harmoniously with the natural tropical colors than the terracotta paint that coats the dome’s outer walls.


As unique and creatively crafted as this house may be, Mr. Areen’s drive to build more structures similar to what he completed leads him to Oregon, where he envisions his next project. This time, he plans to use earthen bricks to build yet another artistic legacy in his name.