For those who haven’t the space, time or skill to grow your own lettuce, the video below shows how an amazingly similar and long-lasting replica of the leafy green is easier and quicker to make than growing one in your own backyard.


Inedible as this piece of plastic may be, the realistic look and feel make it a cheaper way to represent actual food items sold in restaurants without even having to worry about food spoilage and wastage.

To create a base sheet for the “leaf,” gently pour a small amount of melted plastic into the warm water bath. To replicate that realistic gradient of the whitish core to the greener outer layers of a lettuce, spread a green layer of the melted plastic after the first white swath.

Before the mixture solidifies, pull the whiter front edge downward in the water bath. The result is almost magical: the quickly solidifying edge submerged in the water pulls the rest of the melted layer into finely crumpled sheets.

Roll the sheet, starting with the white edge, from side to side. Wrap the rolled finish with more green layers to create the desired size.

Once done, you may slice the lettuce to reveal the cross-section’s beautiful gradient of white and green.

Enjoy your first make-believe lettuce!