The most recent advancement in robotics includes two automatons designed to openly tell you that it is time to change your socks or brush your teeth.


Japanese researchers have invented a female humanoid as well as a dog robot that have the ability to sniff your breath and feet and use snarky comments together with exaggerated reactions to push you to do something about your breath as well as foot odor.

Kaori-chan, the female robot, has brown hair and blue eyes. When you breathe in her face, she has the ability to analyze and quantify the components of your breath, and rate the smell on a scale of one to four.

As seen in the photo, Kaori-chan will say, “It smells like citrus!” if your breath smells good.

However, she will make harsher comments based on how stinky your breath is, ranging from “Yuck! You have bad breath!” to “Emergency! There’s an emergency taking place! That is beyond the limit of patience!”

The dog robot, Shuntaro-kun, has the ability to evaluate foot odor. It doesn’t speak, but with “Symphony No. 5” as the background music, this dog sniffs your feet and shows varying levels of affection. Shuntaro-kun will cuddle up, bark, fall down and growl, or pass out based on its evaluation of the odor.

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