We’ve all had bad-hair days — but not while wearing a fancy tiara and in self-exile inside a not-so-royal chamber: the restroom.


The May 29 incident involved a woman from Shenzhen who locked herself inside a public restroom, desperately trying to avoid traffic officers and paying a 20 RMB fine after running a red light.

Eventually, the police lured her out after offering her a choice of either paying the fine or doing 20 minutes of community service. But everything took an unexpected turn as the woman, who came out donning a shiny tiara, broke down, yelled, and further denied her violation.

In the end, the woman met her match of public attention as the police took her into custody, charging her instead of a more “royal” fine of 100 RMB, and affording her brief exposure to the media — all fit for a royal mistress in distress.