A few weeks ago, a video on a nine-year-old kid driving a Ferrari went viral on Youtube. The video received good comments, but it also received lots of criticisms saying that the act was dangerous and that the parents are putting the life of their child into danger.


Mohammed Nisham, the father of the child was arrested by the police for letting a minor drive a car around and endangering his son’s life. He was released not long after he bailed out with 5,000 Rupees (US$ 90).

The video was filmed by the child’s mother, and shows their son driving the Ferrari F430 around with his five-year-old brother on the passenger’s seat.

The boy’s father, who has a thriving tobacco and real estate business, is said to own 18 cars worth an estimated $4 million.

While the car is still in the hands of the police, the Ferrari is said to be returned to the family after further investigation.

Meanwhile, the parents of the child aren’t embarrassed even after the incident.”I am proud of him. He’s been driving since he was 5,” said his mother, Amal Nisham.

She said the boy has also driven the family’s Lamborghini and Bentley and other cars. Also, it was apparently the boy’s 9th birthday and since he had asked his parents to let him drive the car, they allowed him to do so.

“He is a cautious and confident driver,” she said. “It’s not easy for a child to achieve such a feat at this young age,” she added.

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Genevieve Baxa

Genevieve Baxa

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